The GARD Protocol is the leading Algorand staking provider
Staking Dashboard
The GARD Protocol is proud to offer staking contracts for both its users and partner projects to take advantage of. Staking is an integral piece of how the protocol incentivizes its users and we've built it deliberately to make the best contracts on-chain. We have continuously been innovating for Algorand and what makes our staking contracts so unique is their auto-compounding nature. These contracts allow for seamless Algorand staking with little user oversight thanks to the elimination of daily compounding done by the end user and potential to miss out on rewards if they forget to do so.
Users who hold certain tokens can accrue rewards by doing specific tasks that benefit the protocol as well as by committing the tokens that they've already earned. Staking was introduced on the protocol to allow users who own GARD to earn a "savings rate" via accruing a portion of protocol revenues, however, once this pool was launched the Algorand community saw the potential for us to collaborate with other projects. Other Algorand staking solutions have caused many of our community members to chase down their rewards as well as compound rewards on their own whereas our pools auto-compound rewards and allow users to "set and forget."
Staking is just one of the ways for GARD Protocol users to take advantage of its features, for more information about protocol incentives click here.
Staking video tutorial linked below:
Tutorial Begins on Staking